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About Hand Built Wheels

How much is a set of wheels?
The price for a complete set starts from 450€. contact me for a detailed estimate.

I have hubs and rims, can you build them?
Yes. You can give me your hubs and rims and I build them up with my spokes.

Do you offer warranty?
Yes I do. There are 2 kinds of warranty: components warranty and build warranty.
-Component warranty is the warranty from the manufacturer, it covers defects of the single component. Usually 1 to 5 years, depending on the brand.
-Build warranty covers issues associated to the quality of the build, doesn’t cover normal wear and corrosion damage. I offer free truing and spoke replacement up to 2 years from the date of purchase.
If crash replacement is not offered by the manufacturer, I offer up to 30% discount on the components to build after a crash.
I don’t offer any warranty on components supplied by the customer.

Do you ship?
I always prefer to deal in person, but I also ship, no problem.

Do you offer tires?
Yes, I’ve a stock of tires and I’m happy to help you choosing the best ones for you.

About Repairs and Service.

Do you repair wheels?
Yes, I repair wheels and I stock many spare parts. The most common repairs are wheel truing, spoke replacement, hub serivicing and bearing replacement.

How much to repair my wheel?
This depends on the kind of reparation,
Contact me, explain the problem and I can roughly make an estimate.
Best thing is to pass by so I can make an accurate estimate.
Any change in the final price, during the process will be discussed previously.
To have an idea, most common repairs prices are into a range between 50€ to 150€.

Do you service Chris King hubs?
Yes, and I love it.
I raccomand to service your hubs at least once a year.
Front hub full service is 35€
Rear hub full service is 60€
Rear hub driver service is 35€ (bearings are not serviced)

Do you repair carbon rims?
Carbon repairs are not a service I offer, but I can adress you to somebody who can do it well.
I can rebuild your repaired carbon rim.

About.. Other things

Do you sell spokes?
No, I only able to sell spokes in my wheels.
For shops and professional builder I reccomand to contact the official distributor in Spain: info@wolfsmith.es

Do you build for shops?
Yes I do, I offer special prices for shops.

Do you teach?